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    Committee Duties  
      Auxillary Committee Duties
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    Committee Meeting Dates  
    Committee Organisation Chart  
    COVID-19 Plan  
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Committee Meeting Mins
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      Misc Templates & Docs
    Working Bee Dates  
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    Latitude and longitude of KCC onshore clubhouse  
    Maps to KCC  
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    Radio Comms (Call Signs & preferred VHF channel)  
Webmaster KCC email address
    T&Cs re KCC & the KCC website  
  Duty Roster    
    Duty Description  
      Boat Capt/Crew Duties
      Canteen Staff Duties
      OTD Duties
      Timekeeper Duties
    Duty Roster for OTD, Boat Captain/Crew  
    Duty Roster (Printable)  
    Operational Plan  
    Safety Management System  
    Frequently Asked Questions about KCC  
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    For Sale Advertisements  
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    Australian Champions  
    Event Winners (Club Championship etc)  
    Executive Committee  
    Life Members  
    World Champions  
    Juniors Information & Competency Levels Pack  
    Juniors General News and Notice Board  
    Juniors Race Calendar  
    Link to O'pen Skiff external website  
    Links to external websites of interest  
    Australian Sailing Number Finder website external link  
    KCC Boat Storage Agreement Form  
    KCC Boat Yard Policy Terms and Conditions  
    KCC Code of Conduct  
    KCC Membership Application/Renewal/Fees/Boat Reg forms  
  Notices of Race    
    Notices of Race for events at KCC or elsewhere  
  Photo Gallery     
    Photos of KCC sailing and activities (also see Facebook)  
  Race Calendar    
    Race Calendar (Printable)  
  Race Results    
    Race Results (Aggregate/Individual) for the current season  
    Race Results (Archived) 1999 to the current season  
  Sailing Instructions    
    Aust Catamaran Yardsticks website external link  
    Operational Plan  
    Protest Form  
    Racing Rules of Sailing website external link & RRS signal flags  
    Sailing Instructions for events at KCC  
    Various Sign On/Off, Timekeeper & Regatta Reg forms  
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