Membership 2023 - 2024

Coming in late winter 2024 - the 2024-2025 KCC Membership Fees and Forms - stay tuned!

Reminder: Catamaran Skippers/Boat Owners renewing/joining will need to complete both a Membership Form (point 2 below) and a Boat Entry Form (point 4 below). If you store your boat in a boat yard or in the junior's storage shed at KCC you will also need to complete a Boat Yard Storage Agreement (point 5 below) as well!

Document Name Attachment/Form (click on) Description

1. Schedule of Fees
KCC 2023-2024 Schedule of Fees.pdf This shows a summary of the KCC Fees - For Information Only. Also read the Important Notes below on this webpage and the KCC Membership Terms and Conditions and Membership Notes PDF.

2. Adult/Family Membership Form
KCC_2023-2024 Membership Form.pdf This form is used to apply for, or renew Full Catamaran Club Membership.

3. Junior Monohull Only Membership Form
KCC_2023-2024 Junior_Monohulls_Membership_Form.pdf This form is used to apply for, or renew Junior Monohull Only Membership.

4. Boat Entry Form
KCC 2023-2024 Boat Entry.pdf This form is used to register your boat for the current season (all boat owners intending to race must complete this form and email to the KCC Race Secretary)

5. Boat Yard Storage Agreement
KCC Boat Yard Agreement.pdf All Boat Owners storing boats/trailers in one of the KCC Boat Yards must, in addition to their membership form, complete this form.

6. KCC Membership Terms and Conditions and Membership Notes
KCC 2023-2024 Terms and Conditions and Membership Notes.pdf This document applies to, and must be read in conjunction with the relevant forms above and the Important Notes below the document table on this web page. By signing any of the forms above, you agree to abide by these conditions, the KCC Constitution, KCC Code of Conduct, KCC Operational Plan, relevant Sailing Instructions and if applicable, the KCC Boat Yard Policy T&Cs.

Important Notes

(1) Forms are in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format. You need to use Adobe® Acrobat® Reader or equivalent (such as Apple's Preview on macOS) to open and print the membership form. You can obtain Adobe® Acrobat® Reader by clicking the red Adobe® icon under Additional Resources to the right of this webpage. Paper copies of the forms are also usually stored at the clubhouse.

(2) Don't forget if you are utilising KCC's Boat Yards for storage of your boat or trailer, you MUST complete a KCC Boat Yard Storage Agreement EVERY year with your membership and you must pre-pay your race fees on your annual KCC Membership Form.

(3) If you are a Boat Owner/Skipper who intends to race your boat, you MUST complete a KCC Boat Entry form as well.

(4) All boats MUST be insured, at a minimum, for 3rd party personal liability insurance cover of at least $10m AUD (or the figure mandated in any associated sailing instructions) and 3rd party property insurance that is valid for sail boat racing. Full comprehensive insurance is recommended.

(5) All forms should be printed, completed/signed, scanned and emailed to the KCC Treasurer (refer Contact webpage) or physically presented to the KCC Treasurer when at the club. If emailing and applicable:-

   - The KCC Boat Entry Form MUST also be copied to the KCC Race Secretary. (refer Contact webpage)
   - The KCC Junior Monohull's Membership Form MUST also be copied to the KCC Junior President. (refer Contact webpage)

Alternatively you can physically mail your forms (and the KCC Treasurer, upon receipt, will take care of internal distribution) via Australia Post to:-

     KCC Treasurer,
     PO Box 255,
     Caringbah NSW 1495.

(6) Australian Sailing Membership is included in the membership fees except for Associate and Honorary members. The fees are included for Life Members where the member is actively sailing only. The KCC Treasurer will take care of your Australian Sailing Membership application/renewal and payment within approximately 30-60 days of receipt of your annual membership forms/payment. These are submitted in bulk at regular intervals throughout the season. Make sure you renew your membership early enough to allow time for Australian Sailing processing prior to regattas or championships that are scheduled at KCC or elsewhere. The organisers may require proof of current Australian Sailing membership. You can self-check if you are an active Australian Sailing member or find your membership number by clicking on the "Aust Sailing Number Finder?" external link under "Additional Resources" to the right of this webpage.

(7) Annual membership fees, including boat yard fees, are due on 1st September, but MUST be paid by 31st October. Fees received after that may, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, incur a levy of up to 50% and/or a racing penalty. New members joining mid season or mid year are not subject to the levy and the KCC Treasurer will determine a pro rata fee for the part season.

(8) If you hold a current Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) Competency Card and are a member/prospective member and would like to assist KCC in meeting our obligations re the responsible serving of alcohol when you are on duty or attending KCC events, please write "RSA" when answering the "special conditions KCC should be aware of" question on your membership application or renewal.

(9) It is recommended that all prospective members and current members read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page of this website at least annually.

(10) Membership enquires may be directed to the KCC Treasurer (refer Contact webpage).

(11) All fees, forms and documents are subject to change without notice.

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