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Whilst restrictions in NSW and Australia generally have eased in late Q3 2022 and KCC's plan is thus not currently active, KCC's plan is still in place ready to re-implement at short notice if necessary and required by the regulatory authorities. KCC requests all members and guests, when at the club or considering coming out to the club, to remain vigilant and observe sensible precautions re COVID-19 going forward at the Club and when participating.

Any queries re KCC's COVID-19 planning, please contact the KCC President or KCC Secretary via our Contact page. Stay safe all!.

KCC complies with local, state and federal Australian government regulations.

Kurnell Catamaran Club Incorporated COVID-19 Plan
. Version: 12th September 2020

KCC COVID-19 Members and Vistors Check-In with QR Code (Proof of Vacination may also be required)

KCC when the plan is active, requires all sailors whether Members or Vistors to check-in at the Clubhouse or via this website when attending physically at KCC - Click here to register your attendence at KCC via the Services NSW application on your smart phone and the QR code at this link!

KCC COVID-19 Plan and Responsibilities

Please click on this link to see/download the KCC COVID-19 Plan & Responsibilities

KCC COVID-19 Safety Plan

Please click on this link to see KCC Safety Plan concerning COVID-19 (NSW Government version).

Australian Government - Collection of Personal Information                  

Click here to link to the Australia Government Office of the Australian Information Commissioner re Collection of Personal Information.

NSW Government - COVID-19 Information Link

Please click on this link to go to the NSW Government website re COVID-19

Australian Sailing COVID-19 Information Hub

Please click on this link to go to the Australian Sailing COVID-19 Information Hub.

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