Membership 2019 - 2020

Great news for Visitors - we have reduced the visitors fee in 2019-2020.

$ AUD7 Fee Type6
(KCC Membership fees are due at the commencement of the sailing season but, as per the Constitution, must be paid before 31st October for the current season)
 Initial Joining Fee
50 per sailor


90 / 72 

 Mandatory YA Fee3

 Membership Fees (Multihulls)

          Senior / Single
          Associate8 / Junior8 / Student8

  Membership Fees (Junior Monohulls only)9
          Family (Pay before end of October for a 20% discount. i.e. $72 instead of $90)

 Note that there is a $50 admin fee for all fees received after 31st October of the current season.


 Other Fees (as applicable)

    Race Entry (Pre-Pay Catamaran Season)1
    Race Entry (Pre-Pay Cruising Division Season)2
    Boat Yard (KCC Back Boat Yard) per annum5
    Boat Yard (KCC Front Boat Yard) per annum5
    Boat Yard Bond plus Key Deposit5 (one time charge)
    Junior Boat Storage per annum (for KCC "Open BIC" boat storage onsite at KCC)

 Race Day Fees4 (for those who have not Pre-Paid their Race Fees)
 Race Day Fee (Member's Boats)
 Race Day Fee (Skipper or Crew is a non KCC Member but on a KCC boat)
 Race Day Fee (Visitors)


(1) "Pre-Pay" entitles the member to all "off the beach" catamaran morning and afternoon races excluding regattas and special events. Not applicable to Junior Monohulls. Members storing boats in the KCC Boat Yards must pay this fee in addition to their Boat Yard Fee. Refer KCC Boat Yard Policy
(2) "Pre-Pay Cruising Division" entitles the member to all cruising multi-hull division races excluding regattas and special events.
(3) Yachting Australia (YA) "Silver Membership or equivalent" of Yachting Australia (Yachting NSW sub branch) is mandatory for all active(racing) KCC members at KCC. KCC will forward to YA (NSW) the fee on your behalf. For families with more than 2 sailors, contact the KCC Treasurer for a potential discount to the YA Fee.
(4) The Race Day Fees are only applicable if you have not paid one of the Pre-Pay Fees, as appropriate, as part of your annual membership. Junior Monohull Sailors do not pay race fees formally to the Club.
(5) Boat Yard Key Deposit is refundable upon leaving KCC when key is returned and any outstanding fees paid. Preference is given to multihulls in the boat yard. Trailers or non-multihull craft will be asked to vacate if there is a shortage of space for multihull craft. Refer to the Boat Yard Policy for further details. Boat Yard occupants are required to Pre-Pay race fees. Boat Yard is $1.50 per day or the annual fee whichever is the lower amount. Casual Boat Yard Storage is $1.50 per day with a 10 day minimum and 30 day maximum. All KCC Boat Yard Storage is subject to the KCC Boat Yard Policy.
(6) Life members only need pay (if applicable) for Boat Yard, Boat Yard Bond, Boat Yard Key Deposit, mandatory YA fee(if they are still racing) and non-KCC organised Regattas during the season. All other fees are waived. Life members who do not sail and do not have boats stored - pay nothing. If you are intending to sail your boat with KCC you must have, as a minimum, 3rd party personal and 3rd party property insurance that is valid for sailboat racing.
(7) The fee structure and price is subject to change without notice.
(8) For eligibility as Associates, Juniors(excludes Junior Monohull sailors) and Students refer to the KCC Constitution however; for membership purposes we consider juniors to be  under 18 years of age as at the first sailing day of the season and is exclusively for those that for some reason cannot be covered by Family Membership. Students are those attending full time education as at the first sailing day of the season. Associate Members are usually non-sailing, non-Committee members.
(9) Junior Monohull Sailors do not pay race fees to KCC. There may however be a race or regatta fee organised casually amongst the Junior Sub Committee to pay for junior specific activities. Junior Monohull sailors and their parents or guardians who also sail on Multihulls are subject to the Multihull Fees and not the Junior Monohull Fees.
(10) The KCC Membership application/renewal form (Full Club Membership) or KCC Juniors Only Membership application/renewal form is in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format. Click below if you need to obtain Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to open and print the membership form.

(11) KCC members and visitors are expected to abide by the KCC Code of Conduct.
(12) Membership enquires may be directed to the KCC Treasurer. Refer to the Committee or Contact pages of this website.

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