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Crew Wanted Crew Wanted for F-18 Catamaran:  I’m looking for someone keen and energetic to race every Sunday at Kurnell. Agility is a plus, some sailing experience a huge bonus! Any age, any gender and any nationality! I’m happy to teach and I'm not a screamer! I have a spare wetsuit, trapeze harness, PDF, boots and gloves. So all I require is commitment! It’s heaps of fun sailing these beasts! Telephone Benny 0425250311

Advert posted 9th December 2017
For Sale
$11,500 ONO
2004 Olympic Tornado Marstrom - Boat made by Sail Center of Sweden Aug 2002, the Puerto Rico crew sailed in 2004 olympics (came 7th ) then purchased by Glenn Ashby. Glenn then teamed up with Darren Bundock in Darren's Tornado. I purchased it in 2007 where it had been stored up in Bendigo for several years .The boat is in top condition and comes with all Marstrom fittings (Carbon mast ,spinnaker pole ,centerboard's tiller bar rudders boxes etc). The boat includes several mains and jibs in top condition (including sail bags) and also I have 3 or 4 spinnakers including a Grand Segal -  would be best one or equal to best one in Australia. Centreboards, rudder blades in perfect condition. German "big wheel" boat cradle launcher, internal main sheet 14 to1 in boom 16 to 1 main downhaul -- attached to Crew trapeze includes a fantastic registered trailer that carries one on angle or 2 boats broken down. Contact Andy G:

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Advert posted 15th November 2017.

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