Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is KCC handling the current 2020 COVID 19 crisis afflicting Australia?
    • Whilst the end of the 2019-2020 sailing season was abandoned due to COVID-19, we are again operational for the 2020-2021 sailing season. KCC now has in place a COVID-19 plan from 11th September 2020. Please click here to see the plan! Any queries please contact either the President David Hillyer or Vice President Antony Edwards. Stay safe all!.
  2. I'm having trouble viewing the Kurnell Catamaran Club Incorporated (KCC) website, my video card / my hardware wont display the entire web page on the screen or the menu(s) seem to be missing in part? Any other technical issues I may encounter?
    • KCC's website is now optimised for 1680x1050 or greater screen resolution(though will work at resolutions that are lower). The website has been tested in Windows 10 Edge,  Internet Explorer v11+, Safari 8+ (including Safari on the Apple iPad), Mozilla Firefox v32+ and Google Chrome v37+ browsers. There is also a page at this link that will work on the Apple iPhone albeit with some restrictions on functionality such as no KCC news items on the home page. If your video card or screen cannot handle that resolution you have 3 options. i) Time to bite the bullet and upgrade your hardware - ouch. ii) Use the small menu at the bottom of the screen near the disclaimer - ouch or iii) The preferred option which is to zoom your browser to less than 100%  e.g. Depending on your browser:-
      • In Windows 10 Edge:- click the three dots at the top right hand side of the Edge browser, then click on the "+" or "-" sign to zoom in or out.
      • In Internet Explorer:- click the drop down arrow, next to the magnifying glass at the bottom right hand side of Internet Explorer;
      • In Safari:- Click "View" on the menu then "Zoom Out";
      • In Mozilla Firefox:- Click "View", "Zoom", "Zoom Out" ;
      • In Google Chrome:- Click the "Control Current Page" icon at top right, then click "Zoom", "Smaller".
      • If you get really desperate - ask your teenage daughter or son for assistance.
    • Navigation of the site is usually done from the KCC home page however you can also see a site map here. If you are navigating from a phone, there is a modifed iKCC page here.
  3. What do the symbols/icons in front of some of the links or notices on this website mean?
    • Race or event not run or has been abandoned ;
    • Race or event completed and results posted ;
    • This link takes you to a different (external) website which KCC has no influence over ;
    • This link takes you to a different page or place in KCC's website ;
    • This link downloads a file or document in a new window from KCC's website ;
    • This link will create an email ;
    • This link takes you to a Facebook page outside of the KCC website ;
    • This icon is followed by an Australian telephone number ;
    • This link returns you to the top of the current web page ;
    • This icon highlights some news or an important announcement ;
    • This icon means "these are the guidelines but don't take what we say too seriously as we are open to parlay, negotiation or discussion in relation to this".
  4. What type of sailing does KCC cater to?
    • KCC caters for the casual and serious sailor alike. We sail "off the beach" catamarans and "cruising multihulls" on Sundays from September to April each year. KCC has also established a junior sailing division in the very safe and fun monohull Open Skiff boat.  It doesn't matter if you are world champion or only have enough knowledge to get back to the beach. The Club is a fun, family oriented club and we would love to have you join us.
  5. Where are you located and can I come along and have a try?
    • We are at Kurnell, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Refer to the Contact Us link for our exact address and contact details. Yes you are welcome to come along and we'll try to fix you up for a ride on one of our member's boats, subject to availability. Its best to come down before 10am (or even earlier for juniors) as after that many of our sailors are rigging up in preparation to race during the afternoon.
  6. How much does it cost?
    • Please refer to our Membership link for all the fees both for members and guests.
  7. Do you hire out boats?
    • Unfortunately not, however if you are a junior prospective sailor under 16 years of age, we do have two club Open Skiff boats available for Club members and prospective club members to try out sailing in.
  8. When are membership fees due?
    • Annual membership fees and boat yard fees are generally due on the 1st September annually, but must be paid by 31st October. Fees received after that may, at the discretion of the Committee, incur a levy of up to 50% and/or a racing penalty. New members joining mid season or mid year are not subject to the levy and the KCC Treasurer will determine a pro rata fee for the part season.
  9. What are the different types of membership available?
    • Adult/Senior - Full membership for a single adult of the KCC.
    • Family - Full family membership of the KCC (for all those residing at the same address).
    • Associate - Members associated with the Club, but not actively sailing.
    • Student - Over 18 years of age and attending a recognised College or University full time.
    • Junior - Under 18 years of age not covered by Family membership.
    • Honorary - Temporary membership at discretion of Commitee for 1 month.
    • Life - Life members as ratified at the AGM.
    • Junior Monohulls Family - family membership (for those residing at the same address) for the Junior monohulls section of the club only.
  10. I've noticed you have Life Membership. How does that work, what are the benefits and how does one become a Life Member?
    • KCC's Life Members are special individuals who have been awarded KCC Life Membership in recognition of service rendered over a period in excess of 10 years in promoting the interests and objects of the Club. KCC Life Membership is voted upon and awarded as a result of 75% of the attendees of the Annual General Meeting supporting the nomination. Life Members do not pay annual membership fees, race fees or KCC annual regatta fees. They still pay for Sailing Australia membership, Boat Storage or for Regattas that are not KCC annual regattas (eg Class Championships etc).You can see our Life Members and other sailing achievers on our Honour Boards.
  11. Do I need my own boat?
    • No you don't need your own boat, but you will need someone who is willing to have you on board as crew. If you cannot find someone then we'll try and fix you up, but places are limited. Many people end up buying their own boat after a few sails and that is when the fun really starts.
  12. What if I need crew or am crew looking for a boat?
    • If you need crew or are crew looking for a regular ride, Email the webmaster of this site with your details (and experience if crew) and we will place an advertisement on our For Sale/Wanted page requesting crew or detailing you as crew wanting a sail.
  13. What classes of boat sail at the club?
    • KCC welcomes all sailing craft though its multihulls (including large cruising multihulls) that sail with us in the main. Predominately at the club we have "off the beach" catamarans from classes such as "A" Class, F16s, F18s, Hobiecat, Maricats, NACRAs, Paper Tigers, Prindles, Stingrays, Taipans, Tornados, Windrush and others are always welcome. Occasionally we even have a fleet of windsurfers who come along and sail. KCC has also established a junior sailing division in the very safe and fun monohull Open Skiff boat.
  14. Do you run/host regattas for any class of sailing boat?
    • Whilst we primarily host regattas for multihulls, we have, in the past, hosted other classes(including non-multihull) state and national titles. Subject to club resources being available and the timing against our own events and calendar, we welcome classes wishing to run state or national titles at KCC. We usually require 4 to 6 months notice. Contact the KCC Commodore or Race Secretary from our Contact Us link for further information and a pricing quote. 
  15. What about very large multihulls, your Cruising Division?
    • KCC also caters for cruising style multihulls (i.e. large catamarans or trimarans that are generally large enough to have sleeping accomodation). Depending on the number of Cruising Division boats we have as members each year, we may run a Cruising Division series consisting of racing once per month. Additionally at Easter, we often run a 3 day regatta (the KCC Mega Multi Regatta) exclusively for Cruising Division boats. Refer to the current Race Calendar and the Cruising Division Representative (from the Committee page) for further information. 
  16. Can children sail and what is the minimum age for them to sail at the club?
    • Whilst there is no minimum age, it really depends on how coordinated, strong and confident the child is. Needless to say, they should be able to swim. We tend to find because of the speed and power of catamarans, children tend to start crewing on average between about 11 and 13 years of age. However KCC has established a junior sailing division in the very safe and fun monohull Open Skiff boat. This class targets children under 16 years of age, but is particularly focussed on those between about 7 and 13 years of age. Click here to read the KCC Juniors Information pack.
  17. What facilities are at the club house?
    • The club has men's and ladies separate toilet, change rooms and hot shower facilities. Additionally the club has a large balcony and internal seating and tables with a clear view of the sailing on Botany Bay as well as a Canteen. There is a small pool table and TV. There is also ample parking in the street. In accordance with club policy no cash or valuables are left or stored on site.
  18. Do you teach sailing and offer training courses?
    • Unfortunately we do not run official tuition programs, however if you understand the basics there is always someone around to assist with improving your skills in rigging, sailing and racing. KCC has, however, established a junior sailing division in the very safe and fun monohull Open Skiff boat where there is informal tutition.  
  19. Is sailing dangerous?
    • Not normally, but like all sports there are risks. Participants must familiarise themselves with all the risks involved. Sailing can be a high risk sport and access to medical treatment and emergency services can be delayed. All participants must exercise their own judgement as to the risks involved. At a minimum participants must be competent swimmers, be physically fit, reasonably coordinated, not suffer from medical conditions that may affect their ability to participate, have the necessary safety gear/attire/boat in good working condition, wear a life jacket, be able to sail and handle a sail boat competently, have a knowledge of the sailing and boating rules, understand the local sailing area and weather/tidal conditions, be appropriately insured and understand the risks involved. Kurnell Catamaran Club Incorporated takes no responsibility for an individuals decision to sail, race or participate in any capacity with, or on behalf of the club. Refer to the Disclaimer which outlines only some of the risks. Also refer to the Racing Rules of Sailing Rule 4 "Decision to Race". If you are a novice, we recommend you confine your sailing days to days when the wind is blowing on shore (NW, N, NE or E wind directions are best at the club) and is less than 15 knots.
  20. I've heard catamarans capsize easily? What if I capsize? How do I right a catamaran?
    • This is a common myth, catamarans are actually much more difficult to capsize than monohull boats of equivalent size. However once they do capsize they can be more difficult to right quickly unless you use the correct technique. The golden rule when a catamaran capsizes is to not let go of the boat, when on their side they will drift faster than most people can swim. Always check on your crew/skipper for injuries immediately after a capsize. If you witness a capsize from another boat, check on them by sailing close to them or hailing them (it wont affect your results we'll award "redress" if necessary). Once over, you need to loosen off the mainsheets, traveller and jibsheets and any other sail controls that may cause the boat to sail away if its righted and you aren't yet on board. You must then manuevure the boat such that the mast points into the wind (this can often be achieved by sitting or standing on the lower hull when a catamaran is on its side, right down near the bow or stern), throwing a righting rope over the hull and then leaning (with assistance of crew or trapeze harness) out to bring the boat back to an upright position without letting it go back over in the process. Feel free to ask our more experienced members such as our Division Captains to show you the correct technique before you experience a capsize. Remember, never leave the boat, if you are sailing with us, the Support Boat will come to your aid if you signal them. Refer to the Disclaimer.
  21. What should I take on board the boat, what gear or attire do I need to sail?
    • All competitors shall wear whilst racing (and in our opinion whenever on the water), personal flotation devices which are in good condition and in accordance with the specifications issued or approved by a national authority affiliated to the International Sailing Federation, or a standards organization, or certification authority, recognized for the purpose by its respective government. What does this mean? In essense, it means you must wear a life jacket that is in good condition when on the water. If you are sailing on a boat rigged with trapeze, then it is recommended you wear a trapeze harness. If your boat is a two or more person boat, you shouldn't sail it single handed. Other than that, suitable clothing for sailing on a boat in conditions that can vary with the weather. Many sailors wear wetsuits (steamers), rash vests, sailing gloves, wetsuit boots, hats, sunscreen, watch and sunglasses. Many take additional safety gear such as a shackle key, knife, whistle(for attracting attention), head gear/protection (for higher performance boats) and a bottle of fresh water. Bear in mind, you will get wet, so best to leave anything not salt water friendly onshore. Needless to say, if you are on medication you should consider whether sailing may interfere with your condition or vice versa and whether you need to take medication when out on the water. Refer to the Disclaimer.
  22. Do I need a NSW Boat License to sail at KCC?
    • That depends. For "off the beach" catamarans and our junior monohulls you are not required under current laws (as at Sept 2017) to hold a boat license. Depending on your boat, for the large cruising multihulls you may be required to hold a boat license. To skipper our Support Boat you are required to hold a Power Boat license. Further information re Boat Licenses can be found on the NSW Government Transport (Roads & Maritime Services) website here.
  23. Can you recommend a boat or dealer?
    • Unfortunately not, suffice to say most beginners start in smaller 14' (<4.2m) boats and then graduate after a year or two to 16' (<5.2m) or even bigger. The most experienced sailors tend to sail the bigger boats and particularly those with spinnakers. However we have a number of ex-champions sailing in our 14-15' single hand boats. Our junior division is targetting the Open Skiff monohull.
  24. Can I store my boat at the club?
  25. What's the deal with two boat yards for storage at KCC? How do I get my boat in either one or the other boat yard?
    • The back boat yard is for storage of boats with their mast down (you cannot store mast up in this boat yard due to the powerlines across the road between the beach and the boat yard). The front boat yard in the grounds of the old Sutherland Shire Sailing Club is an arrangement with KCC where we can store boats with their masts raised. We have a policy of only frequently sailed boats using this yard. Refer to KCC's Boat Yard Policy and Membership page/form for more details. In addition to the two boat yards, KCC has a small storage shed with limited storage for a number of Open Skiff monohull boats used by the juniors. Refer to the membership application/renewal forms on the Membership link for charges associated with all types of boat storage.
  26. Can I bring my new / second hand boat along for someone to show me how to rig up?
    • Yes, as long as you arrive early on a Sunday. For example before 10am; after that Members are usually busy preparing their own boats for the afternoon's racing. If you contact the Commodore/President of the Club or a Division Captain (refer to the Committee page), it may be possible to organise some "one on one" assistance very early, say 8.30am.
  27. My boat is not seaworthy or needs repairs, can you help?
    • Your best bet here is to come down and ask us for advice one Sunday morning. Organise a time and date through the Commodore, Vice President or Race Secretary from the Contact Us page of this website. They can also introduce you to the Division Captains (see Committee page) that usually specialise in your class of boat. If possible, bring the boat, sail, gear or offending parts with you. Alternatively look on our Links page under the category of Sponsors or Manufacturers for additional support.
  28. What if I have a boat to sell or I want to buy a boat?
    • You can Webmaster and they will place it on the For Sale / Wanted page of the KCC website. Please read all the conditions on our For Sale page. We don't charge for placing the advertisements, but its customary for a small donation or some exchange of services if we are responsible for your sale.
  29. What if I have an old boat or equipment/gear I want to donate to KCC?
    • KCC generally welcomes donations of old boats as long as they are in reasonable shape and easy to transport to the Club in terms of distance and size of the boat. Sometime we use these boats for spare parts, sometimes for Club members and sometimes we sell them after minor repairs using the revenue to better the Club generally. The Club however, is not a dumping ground for unserviceable/unneeded boats, equipment or gear. So please don't be upset if we decline your boat or equipment/gear offer.
  30. What if I just want to crew at KCC and don't have my own boat or even want one in the future?
    • You can Webmaster and they will place an advertisement on the For Sale / Wanted page of the KCC website to link "would be" crews up with skippers. Please read all the conditions on our For Sale page. This is a free service.
  31. Do you have people watching and looking after me when I'm on the water?
    • During racing periods (most Sunday afternoons September to April) KCC has a Support Boat (twin hulled Webster powerboat with 70hp outboard) on the water that is in radio contact with the club. Additionally an Officer of the Day oversees the club house and provides additional observation of the bay from the club house. We also have very strict rules regarding when to sail in relation to the weather. For more information consult our Operational Plan and the Sailing Instructions. All boats are required to have righting ropes on them(towing rings and bridles are recommended) and all sailors must wear lifejackets when on the water. If you are a very raw beginner at sailing, we strongly recommend you confine your sailing to days when the actual wind strength (including gusts) is less than 15 knots and the wind is blowing onto the shore. If you are not actually racing but still having a pleasure sail, we recommend you let both the Officer of the Day and the Boat Captain know that you will be on the water and stay within reasonable visual contact of both the Clubhouse and Support Boat. We also recommend you finish sailing and come ashore before the final race of the day completes (Support Boat will commence picking up the racing marks (yellow buoys) when the final race is finished) as the Support Boat will come ashore then and observation of the water from the Clubhouse ceases then.
  32. Are there insurance  requirements?
    • Yes, boat owners must have their boat insured (including racing cover if you intend to race) for third party property. Additionally you must have a minimum $5m AUD third party liability cover. It is recommended that you have full comprehensive insurance but this is obviously a personal decision. The club itself also has the legislated public liability insurance.
  33. Do I have to join Sailing Australia or Sailing NSW?
    • Yes, this is submitted as part of your KCC membership. If you are sailing, you will need to pay the prescribed membership fee for Sailing NSW (as part of Sailing Australia). The KCC will submit your membership and you will then be able to enjoy the benefits that come with being a member of Sailing Australia. The benefits and other pertinent information can be found on the Sailing Australia website links which are accessible from the Links page of KCC. Note if you intend to race at regattas, it is often a requirement that you prove your Sailing Australia membership. The KCC Treasurer (refer to the Contact Us page) can assist you with finding out your membership number and details after you have joined the Club and Sailing Australia has acknowledged your membership. Also note that if you have more than 3 sailors in your family joining Sailing Australia as part of your annual KCC membership, before you submit your KCC membership form, talk to the KCC Treasurer about the potential for a KCC subsidised additional discount re your Sailing Australia fees.
  34. Ok, so when do you sail and what type of races and courses do you have?
  35. Wow, that lost me. What is a Notice of Race and what are Sailing Instructions?
    • The Notice of Race is just an announcement about a special sailing event, when its occurring and other details. Think of it as an announcement or flyer pinned to a notice board telling you all about the event. Sailing Instructions are the rules under which the events will be conducted, including things like starting procedures, the course maps etc.
  36. Do I have to race?
    • Of course not but many find it improves their skills and adds that little bit of extra enjoyment. However, we have members who do no more than come for a casual sail that coincides with the club being open.
  37. So I don't know the rules of sailing a racing catamaran. Who do I give way to? When do I have right of way? Where can I find them?
    • The Racing Rules of Sailing can be viewed at the link Racing Rules of Sailing online. In particular, you should familiarise yourself with the Rules in Part 1 and Part 2 and the Race Signals.
  38. OK I've read the rules, but really have no idea how to get started in racing at the Club?
    • Firstly you should consult with an experienced sailor in your division or class of boat at the Club. Ideally the Division Captains are best placed to sort out most of your queries (refer to the Committee page). Divisions are how we segregate boats based on size or other characteristics like performance. As a guide, the Divisions can be found in the current year's Sailing Instructions. Juniors should seek out the Junior Division Representative (refer to the Committee or Juniors page). Then we suggest you go out and sail. We suggest you just follow your Division around the race course for a few races, observing the starting procedures, signals and how boats generally give way to one another. Another good source of information is our Race Secretary and Assistant Race Secretary who will both be only too eager to assist you.
  39. How do I see my results?
    • Race results are published on the KCC website Results page usually within 48 hours of the day's racing. You can also see archived results on the KCC results page.
  40. What if i disagree with the race results or wish to protest against the actions of another sailor or the officials ?
    • Your first course of action should always be to consult in an amicable manner with the competitor or official involved. If you cannot resolve then you should consult with the Officer of the Day, your Division Captain and/or the KCC Race Secretary. If you wish to formalise your protest, you can obtain a protest form at the clubhouse or download one from the Sailing Instructions page of this website. There are time limits and rules around lodging protests and whilst you are well within your rights to protest, it is not a very common thing to pursue at the club.
  41. Do I have to do duties around the club?
    • Yes, all members are expected to complete at least one rostered duty (refer to the Duty Roster) day per season and usually two if we don't get enough volunteers or too many sailors cancelling at the last minute. Your membership application/renewal form will ask for your preferred dates and whilst we make no promises, we try and accomodate these dates on a first in, first served basis. Your duty role could be as Officer of the Day, Boat Captain (if you hold a power boat license) or Boat Crew. Don't worry, we don't put people in roles until they are ready, confident and tell us they are competent to do them. New members are usually rostered on with experienced members in their first season. You can see a description of the duties here. Additionally we have a working bee once per month to mow lawns and do odd jobs and maintenance around the Club. We encourage members to assist at one or two of these each year. 
  42. Will doing duty affect my race results/scores?
    • The effect on your results depends on the current year's Sailing Instructions, but generally the combination of race calendar and sailing instructions has been designed by our Race Committee to ensure that duty has minimal effect on a sailors results.
  43. Can I bring the family? Young children? Pets?
    • Absolutely, they may be future Olympians. The club is large and roomy inside. We do ask though, that you supervise children under the care of a responsible adult and not leave them on their own in the club, surrounding grounds or boat yards. KCC has established a junior sailing division in the very safe and fun monohull Open Skiff boat. Pets are not permitted inside the club building, we have no objections to them outside as long as they are well behaved in nature and supervised. Don't forget to to clean up after them if they make a mess - that goes for the pets too :-)
  44. I'm probably going to be pretty hopeless at racing, what's the point if I'm against all these hot shot sailors?
    • Whilst our Club Championship racing is aimed at the best sailor winning, our other races all have personal handicaps applied, so you can come physically last across the finish line and depending upon your handicap still win the event. Its all about continuous improvement. Those that improve the most tend to win handicap events and because beginners tend to improve fastest, then they have a definite advantage here.
  45. I have heard that KCC has developed a modified form of the original Victorian Yachting Club (VYC) Yardsticks (now Australian Sailing Catamaran yardsticks) for use in events at the Club. What are the KCC yardsticks or what yardsticks do you use?
    • Yes we did, however the Australian Sailing Catamaran yardsticks are now identical and have been for several years now so the KCC ones have been retired. KCC uses the Australian yardsticks which, using results gathered over many seasons is a set of boat handicaps used to determine mixed fleet racing results (all other things being equal) which fairly reflects the current crop of modern racing catamarans. You can see the Australian Sailing Catamaran Yardsticks from the Sailing Instructions page.
  46. Is the club licensed for alcohol?
    • Yes, but it is a very strict operating license for Members and visiting sailors after sailing and only on sailing days. The Club abides by all laws concerning the responsible serving of alcohol and it is only available when the qualified RSA certificate holders and Licensee are present. You cannot just walk in off the street and purchase alcohol.
  47. Do you have poker or gambling machines? Is smoking permitted inside the club?
    • No
  48. Is food, soft drink, tea/coffee available at the club?
    • Yes, we have a canteen that opens up just before lunch time and closes about an hour or two after racing.
  49. How do I get on to Committee and help out at the Club?
    • Simply nominate for Committee at the Annual General Meeting that is usually held in late April or early May each year. Refer to the Committee page for the AGM Notice and Committee Nomination Forms as well as the Constitution which describes the electoral rules. Additionally you will find a description of Committee Members duties listed on the Committee page of this website.
  50. What other important documents or rules should I be aware of at the Club?
  51. Is KCC a profitable organisation and is it privately owned?
    • KCC Incorporated is an incorporated body under the Associations Incorporation Act of 1984. KCC is a non-profit, volunteer staffed and run, sporting club that exists for its members. It is not a singular privately owned enterprise.
  52. My company or I would like to sponsor KCC or a KCC event. How do I go about it?
    • KCC Publicity Officer or KCC Commodore/President. You may be able to obtain naming rights to an event, your companies name or logo advertised on flags, banners or the side of our Support Boats as well as your logo on our website depending on the type and size of the sponsorship(which could be either cash, goods, prizes or services to the Club).
  53. What if I don't want to be on Committee, don't want to sail, but am just looking to do some casual volunteer work perhaps at your Club?
    • We have several honorary associate members doing volunteer work at the Club such as timekeeping, driving and crewing on our Support Boats etc. Please KCC Commodore/President and discuss how you would like to contribute.
  54. I'm sure what I want is on your website but I can't seem to find it in the FAQ or elsewhere. Any ideas?
  55. Who can I ask if I have more questions?
    • You can contact us from our Contact link or alternatively come along one Sunday morning after 9am but preferably before 10am and have a chat to us. If you see us on the beach, don't be shy, come up and say "hi". If you mention the website, we might even buy you a coffee or tea at the club. Additionally our Links page has hyperlinks to many other sailing websites and general websites of interest. Our Photo Gallery page and Facebook page can show you some of the action and fun.
  56. I'm hooked where can I get a Membership Application form and how do I pay?
    • Please refer to our Membership link for the membership application/renewal form which also contains payment details. There is a form for full Catamaran Club membership (which may include cruising division, juniors and/or boat storage) or a separate form for those that are only joining/sailing in the Junior monohulls.You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the form. You can get that from here:
  57. Thanks for all that, I'd like to give feedback on your website or Club. Who do I contact?
    • KCC Webmaster and your feedback will be passed onto the appropriate committee member.

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