Kurnell Catamaran Club Incorporated - COVID-19 Plan & Information Page

KCC complies with local, state and federal Australian government regulations.

Kurnell Catamaran Club Incorporated has a COVID-19 Plan in place
. Version: 12th September 2020

KCC COVID-19 Members and Vistors Check-In with QR Code (Proof of Vacination may also be required)

KCC requires all sailors whether Members or Vistors to check-in at the Clubhouse or via this website when attending physically at KCC - Click here to register your attendence at KCC via the Services NSW application on your smart phone and the QR code at this link!

KCC COVID-19 Plan and Responsibilities

Please click on this link to see/download the KCC COVID-19 Plan & Responsibilities

KCC COVID-19 Safety Plan

Please click on this link to see KCC Safety Plan concerning COVID-19 (NSW Government version).

Australian Government - Collection of Personal Information                  

Click here to link to the Australia Government Office of the Australian Information Commissioner re Collection of Personal Information.

NSW Government - COVID-19 Information Link

Please click on this link to go to the NSW Government website re COVID-19

Australian Sailing COVID-19 Information Hub

Please click on this link to go to the Australian Sailing COVID-19 Information Hub.

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